Closer to a Digi-cards player?


Miami, Fl Apr.05.2011

DIGI-CARDS NEW GADGET AVAILABLE THIS SUMMERDigi-cards were the first multimedia download cards in the market and are still the most innovative as this new gadget launches this summer. Since the very beginning Digi-cards Download cards have been compatible with MAGTEK USB magstripe readers which allow the end-user to swipe de Digi-cards to access the multimedia on them. Starting this summer those readers get smaller, more compatible and practical via 3.5 mm stereo audio jack interfaces and a nifty mobile application. Digi-cards hope to launch its application very soon and will be compatible with all mobile magstripe readers (USB or audio jack). Gerardo Alton Ortega CEO of Digi-cards said “The great thing is that all Digi-cards already out there will also be compatible, we have been encoding our Digi-cards with this technology since 2005, and finally technology is catching up to us in the way of gadgets for our product”. There are several new manufacturers of the magstripe mobile readers and all will be compatible with Digi-cards download system through the new free downloadable applications. The new audio jack magstripe readers open a huge array of possibilities for Digi-cards since 90% of electronic products have a similar interface not only for mobile but also for auto and home use. “Who knows but I think that Digi-cards players are closer to becoming a reality” he concluded.