Digi-cards Download Cards with HD Music


Miami, FL. Feb.01.2012

DIGI-CARDS DOWNLOAD CARDS WITH HD MUSIC (HIGH DEFINITION)Vital Digital joins the efforts to promote digital distribution of High Definition music through its Digi-cards patent pending system. Some recording artists like Rolling Stones, Niel Young and Pink Floyd have been long standing promoters of keeping a high quality standard of recordings even when distributed through the Internet. Even though mp3s have made digital distribution possible years ago technology has finally caught up with faster transfer speeds, broadband and unlimited bandwidth which make this HD music digital distribution a reality. Digi.cards 2.5GB are capable of holding as many as 20 tracks in High Definition (audiophiles) or .flac, and with the CDN (Content Delivery Network) Digi-cards users can have a whole HD music album in less than 1 hour (approximate). So now all you music enthusiasts you can finally carry a HD music album in your pocket thanks to Digi-cards