Miami, FL. Sept.30.2013


Excerpt from magazine interview: Mexican technology businessman Gerardo Alton-Ortega says the future of physical information distribution is in the cards, Digi-cards that is. The mexican businessman founder of Digi-cards download cards, the global leader producer of multimedia download cards, insists that there is nothing in many ways more efficient than the PVC cards he produces.

It all started as a way to distribute his recording-artist wife’s music album efficiently and now has become an industry with hundreds of different uses. About six to seven years ago Alondra, a multi-platinum Grammy-nominated latin artist, was trying to sell her albums at her concerts but the logistics were very difficult, so her producer husband got to the drawing board and came up with the specific content-download card. “She could have gone many ways, like only Digital, but that way your album becomes like slices of Pizza, or via CD, but her CDs were being sold by counterfeiters outside her concerts and the logistics of selling thousands of CDs at venues were just impossible”. After some patent filing, developments, and tests, the first Digi-cards arrived as a success story. “The media was all over it,” Alondra says, “they did not care about me nor the album, they wanted to know more about the Digi-cards” a credit-card-like device that holds codes to access secure servers and manually or automatically download the whole content into your mobile devices or computers.

A few years later, Digi-cards now produces millions of cards for hundreds of different uses; from product placement, added value product to marketing and multimedia distribution. Based in the USA now Vital Digital Global, the parent company of Digi-cards, has expanded to 4 continents and business is booming. The product is inexpensive, innovative, and it seems like everyone wants a piece of it. Now Digi-cards hold ebooks, music albums, movies, catalogs, magazines, and hundreds of multimedia electronic files. There is even HD and 3D content for the demanding client or enduser.

Gerardo Alton-Ortega says that Digi-cards have saved millions of trees over the years by replacing paper, also the retention rates for promotion campaigns are the highest of any other promotional or marketing product in the world, and the knowledge and data that clients get is valued at billions of dollars in savings from other options.

Digi-cards are a new product and technology, their efficiency is demonstrated every day and is simple; no one throws away a Credit Card, they keep it and that is branding at its best. Gerardo Alton-Ortega is betting on the kids, “they love them, they try to collect them and they are the most efficient persons with it, my mother takes a while to figure it out, kids get the instant gratification immediately. They are great at using our cards, I´ve been surprised.” “The future may hold many things and new products, I might not be here but I will bet you Digi-cards will stay for a very long time” he concluded.

Vital Digital Global Corp is a private company but plans to go public in the next few years to position the brand name as a standard of physical multimedia distribution. Gerardo Alton-Ortega and his wife Alondra live between Miami and Principat d´Andorra where the infrastructure of this tiny country is excellent to remotely control a global company.

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