Digi-cards at MIDEM


Cannes, France Jan.25.2011

DIGI-CARDS CONTINUE TO BE THE BEST OPTION FOR PHYSICAL MUSIC ALBUM SALESFor the fourth year in a row, while making its presence made during the 2011 MIDEM (World Music Conference) Digi-cards continue to be the best option for physical distribution for the next 10 to 15 years according to some music business experts. After showing growth in sales for Digi-cards used for music album distribution during 2010, artists are starting to realize that the internet is too saturated with competition and are returning to the old way of doing business (Physical sales). Even though Digi-cards are a combination of a device and a web based system it is still keeps its physical attributes and continues to be a tangible object. Digi-cards have become the best option for independent and signed artists to make money with album sales, especially during concerts and presentations.”We welcome the increase of sales of our music Digi-cards and believe our product is an inevitable option for future music album sales worldwide” CEO/Chairman Gerardo Alton Ortega said. When asked about all the copy cats out there he replied “I am glad! I would be worried if we were the only ones, that denote the potential of our product; however we know we were the first ones and are confident that the patents will be administered and we are looking forward to that day with no rush”. Digi-cards are the world′s leader producer of multimedia download cards.