Digi-cards getting more colorful


Miami, FL. Sep.28.2011

DIGI-CARDS GETTING MORE COLORFULColor enhanced qr-codes are now available to all customers at no extra cost. The qr-code (2D code) one of three on the card, and standard on all Digi-cards, will be available in coordinating colors based on the front of the card, or customized by the client. Digi-cards are the most advanced and innovative multimedia delivery technology via a device and the world´s leading producer of download cards. “We are always thinking of the future and always a step ahead, this is just another little perk for our clients so that they can have a product that radiates innovation and gives them the edge on competition no matter what business they are in or the use for their Digi-cards.” Manny Fimbres COO announced. The colorful new qr-codes are read by 90% of readers and apps in all mobile devices. For more information on how they work visit: http://digi-cards.com/en/contents/mobile/