Miami, FL. May.30.17



Back in Miami in 2005 when Gerardo Alton-Ortega started what would become the global leader manufacturer of download cards, he thought of an innovative way of distributing and selling multimedia physically. A few months later Digi-cards were launched and in the past twelve years Digi-cards download cards have become the standard of physical multimedia distribution and sales among artists, writers, directors and many other professions. Three years after Digi-cards were created and after looking into a fast and easy interaction between Digi-cards and the end users, Alton-Ortega and his team created the Digi-code, a combination of a photo recognizable QR code, a short-url and a pin or secret code. Immediately afterwards the Digi-codes were implemented on the Digi-cards creating the DC5.0 or “Light” version of the Digi-cards download cards which can be seen here www.download-cards.com . Then the Digi-codes became a part of the Digi-cards platform and not promoted as a unique product. In 2010 a client asked for orders of Digi-cards in quantities that could not be produced in the turnaround time requested, so Alton-Ortega offered to print Digi-codes directly in the labels of such product. The experiment became a hit and surpassed not only the interaction expectations but broke marketing records on redemption, interaction, customer participation and customer reach compared to other forms of in-label product marketing. Digi-codes have now become a standard in product marketing but can they themselves become money makers? That question has been answered with a combination of ecommerce and an obvious use of already developed programming. Now you can literally print on anything and make it a “download” product for example just like Digi-cards download cards you can have download t-shirts, download-caps, download-cups, etc. anywhere you print your Digi-code you can promote or let end users download your multimedia content either for free or in exchange for a monetary transaction. How? Let anyone see or take a picture to your Digi-code, if you want to promote your multimedia or content for free, then print a generic code on it and the end user will be enjoying your multimedia content in no time. You want to make Money? Easy, replace the generic code with a text such as “Get Access Code” or “Ask for Code”, set a price in exchange for the code and transaction done. For more ideas on how Digi-codes can work for you visit www.digi-cards.com or www.digi-codes.com and contact us.

Digi-cards getting more colorful


Miami, FL. Sep.28.2011

DIGI-CARDS GETTING MORE COLORFULColor enhanced qr-codes are now available to all customers at no extra cost. The qr-code (2D code) one of three on the card, and standard on all Digi-cards, will be available in coordinating colors based on the front of the card, or customized by the client. Digi-cards are the most advanced and innovative multimedia delivery technology via a device and the world´s leading producer of download cards. “We are always thinking of the future and always a step ahead, this is just another little perk for our clients so that they can have a product that radiates innovation and gives them the edge on competition no matter what business they are in or the use for their Digi-cards.” Manny Fimbres COO announced. The colorful new qr-codes are read by 90% of readers and apps in all mobile devices. For more information on how they work visit: http://digi-cards.com/en/contents/mobile/