Digi-cards + iPad 2


Miami, Fl Mar.02.2011

DIGI-CARDS READY FOR IPAD 2Apple′s iPad 2 was released today and as expected it does not carry a USB port which shows the tendency of the industry to move on to virtual file download access instead of flash drive or SanDisk physical multimedia distribution. Digi-cards is ready for the challenge being one of the only options for a tangible and physical multimedia distribution device. With the new iPad 2′s embedded cameras and a soon to be release Digi-cards application for Apple′s mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) Digi-cards is only a click away (via camera) from end user multimedia enjoyment. Because of Apple′s restrictions on third party multimedia you can only stream Digi-cards content through their devices but you have the option to download the multimedia to personal computers and then upload them to each device, it is expected that those restrictions will lift soon. Digi-cards are the world′s leader producer of digital download cards in the world and soon to be one of the only options to physically distribute any multimedia to the masses. Please follow new developments at www.digi-cards.com and www.download-cards.com our commercial sites.