Digi-cards Download Cards new SMS integration


Principat d’Andorra Oct.18.2011

DIGI-CARDS WILL OFFER SMS INTEGRATION FOR CLIENTSDigi-cards Worldwide newly appointed head of operations for Europe, Dennis Jean Pascual announced that Digi-cards will help European companies attract SMS subscribers, a very valuable commodity in Europe. Just like Digi-cards in America, each user has the option to subscribe via name and email as standard or Facebook “Like” before accessing the download gateway. In Europe, most people do not subscribe via email, they usually subscribe via SMS (mobile number) to receive future offers from companies. Starting at the end of October, one of the options to all Clients (Worldwide) will be to give their Digi-cards end users the options for email or SMS subscriptions for future communications or offers when redeeming their cards. Digi-cards are the worldwide leading producer of custom download cards. For more information visit www.digi-cards.com