Digi-cards arrive to Uruguay


Montevideo, Uruguay Oct.28.2011

URUGUAY DIGI-CARDS UNVEILED AT THE INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIRThe Corporacion Rochense de Turismo (CRT) unveiled its Digi-cards during the International Tourism Fair (FIT 2011) in Buenos Aires Argentina this week. The Rocha Digi-cards contain a plethora of helpful information as well as sponsors content promoting the beautiful beaches of that region just in time for the South American Summer. The versatility of Digi-cards is helping companies, organizations and even governments to spread multimedia information securely and with the benefits of database collecting, analytics and complete control over their content. Rocha Tourism Corporation (CRT) will benefit from all the advantages of the small sized, environmental friendly and low cost Digi-cards and also the free press that such an innovative product brings. Fabian Cabrera Digi-cards Uruguay Representative said during the event that the Digi-cards were the smartest promotional tool and most innovative product during the International Tourism Fair. Some of the attendees where happy with their Digi-cards and said they would “no longer need large heavy bags to be carrying all sorts of materials which in a way also affect our environment”.

Digi-cards download cards helping you help others


Miami, FL. Oct.21.2011

DIGI-CARDS HELPING YOU HELP OTHERSIn another first for the worldwide leading producer of multimedia download cards, Digi-cards has announced that if the client allows a logo of any organization found in the Non-profit Organizations List (http://www.nonprofitlist.org) printed on the back of their cards, Digi-cards will give a donation of 5% of the sale to the chosen organization. “This is part of the Digi-earth.org campaign that Digi-cards Worldwide launched recently and I believe that everyone is in a position to give and what better way than helping themselves with our product and at the same time helping others” Gerardo Alton-Ortega (CEO) said during an announcement via video conference. The new “Give with Logo” program will be available starting November when Digi-cards will launch their Digi-cards v.4.0 with an enhanced back, faster production turnaround and faster downloads. For more information please visit: http://www.digi-earth.org

Digi-cards Download Cards new SMS integration


Principat d’Andorra Oct.18.2011

DIGI-CARDS WILL OFFER SMS INTEGRATION FOR CLIENTSDigi-cards Worldwide newly appointed head of operations for Europe, Dennis Jean Pascual announced that Digi-cards will help European companies attract SMS subscribers, a very valuable commodity in Europe. Just like Digi-cards in America, each user has the option to subscribe via name and email as standard or Facebook “Like” before accessing the download gateway. In Europe, most people do not subscribe via email, they usually subscribe via SMS (mobile number) to receive future offers from companies. Starting at the end of October, one of the options to all Clients (Worldwide) will be to give their Digi-cards end users the options for email or SMS subscriptions for future communications or offers when redeeming their cards. Digi-cards are the worldwide leading producer of custom download cards. For more information visit www.digi-cards.com

Digi-cards getting more colorful


Miami, FL. Sep.28.2011

DIGI-CARDS GETTING MORE COLORFULColor enhanced qr-codes are now available to all customers at no extra cost. The qr-code (2D code) one of three on the card, and standard on all Digi-cards, will be available in coordinating colors based on the front of the card, or customized by the client. Digi-cards are the most advanced and innovative multimedia delivery technology via a device and the world´s leading producer of download cards. “We are always thinking of the future and always a step ahead, this is just another little perk for our clients so that they can have a product that radiates innovation and gives them the edge on competition no matter what business they are in or the use for their Digi-cards.” Manny Fimbres COO announced. The colorful new qr-codes are read by 90% of readers and apps in all mobile devices. For more information on how they work visit: http://digi-cards.com/en/contents/mobile/