Digi-cards will offer DOLBY Video & Audio downloads


Barcelona, Spain Feb.23.2011

DIGI-CARDS WILL OFFER DOLBY® VIDEO & AUDIO DOWNLOADSDigi-cards the leader producer of multimedia download cards will offer HD content on-the-go by introducing the Dolby® Media Generator technology to content distributed through Digi-cards. Clients and customers will be able to enjoy higher quality video and audio from downloads while also making the content faster and more reliable through the network. The new improved content which will be streamlined for greater efficiency will ensure a better and more consistent playback experience through mobile devices and also offer the quality backed by Dolby Laboratories one of the most recognized innovators in audio entertainment technologies . This new technology will be available in April to all clients that request it.

DRM on demand to clients that require it


Miami, Fl Feb.21.2011

DRM ON DEMAND TO CLIENTS THAT REQUIRE ITDigital Rights Management has been a hot topic throughout the years, however in certain places around the world it is almost a requirement, therefore Digi-cards has selected HaiHaisoft Corporation and their DRM-X product for those special cases. Almost all of Digi-cards downloadable content is DRM free but the rapid globalization of Digi-cards has created the need for some type of DRM for the clients that require it. Digi-cards + DRM will be available for customers that request their documents, video and audio are better protected from illegal distribution through the internet or other means. Digi-cards with DRM will be clearly noted or advertised in the distributed product and although it is now an option for clients it is expected to have a very small percentage of demand.

Mobile World Congress & Download Cards


Barcelona, Spain Feb.15.2011

DIGI-CARDS 3.0 FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW WINDOWS PHONEThe Digi-cards 3.0 are fully compatible with the new Windows Phone 7 as demonstrated by Vital Digital LLC CEO/Chairman Gerardo Alton Ortega today. It only took one picture (scan) of the Microsoft tag and a scratch-off input to access the content from Multi-platinum Billboard award winner and Grammy nominated artist Alondra′s new album “Desorbitada” in front of many onlookers. In less than 15 seconds the first song downloaded and started playing on the new mobile OS, it was also stored with the complete album (10 songs) including wallpapers, ringtones, album art and dossier in less than 2 minutes with Wi-Fi connection and 4 minutes trough 3G network. “This is definitely the perfect physical device to mobile device combination of efficiency, Digi-cards allow the use of a convenient tangible product to securely and legally download multimedia content through a network using a mobile device” said Manel Ferrando ONE Produccions partner and Spain Digi-cards distributor.

Digi-cards in Mexico


Miami, Fl Jan.31.2011

VITAL DIGITAL LLC ANNOUNCES NEW TEAM AND MORE PERSONNEL TO MEXICOVital Digital LLC announced today the implementation of new leadership and a larger support team to focus on its Mexico business. Due to the expiration of a distributorship contract that will not be renewed by mutual agreement, Vital Digital LLC announced the new interim team that will continue providing sales support to clients in Mexico until a new distributorship contract is finalized. Mexico has the largest potential for commercialization of the Digi-cards product and it has demonstrated that during the last two to three years, being one of the fastest growing Latin-American countries in sales and clients. “We are very happy with the new team, they have been working as agents in Mexico for some time and have the experience and knowledge to provide and deliver our product in such an important market”. CEO/Chairman Gerardo Alton Ortega said. Eleazar Velasco (Current International Liaison for Latin-American) will lead the operations and personnel until the signing of a new distribution contract.

Digi-cards at MIDEM


Cannes, France Jan.25.2011

DIGI-CARDS CONTINUE TO BE THE BEST OPTION FOR PHYSICAL MUSIC ALBUM SALESFor the fourth year in a row, while making its presence made during the 2011 MIDEM (World Music Conference) Digi-cards continue to be the best option for physical distribution for the next 10 to 15 years according to some music business experts. After showing growth in sales for Digi-cards used for music album distribution during 2010, artists are starting to realize that the internet is too saturated with competition and are returning to the old way of doing business (Physical sales). Even though Digi-cards are a combination of a device and a web based system it is still keeps its physical attributes and continues to be a tangible object. Digi-cards have become the best option for independent and signed artists to make money with album sales, especially during concerts and presentations.”We welcome the increase of sales of our music Digi-cards and believe our product is an inevitable option for future music album sales worldwide” CEO/Chairman Gerardo Alton Ortega said. When asked about all the copy cats out there he replied “I am glad! I would be worried if we were the only ones, that denote the potential of our product; however we know we were the first ones and are confident that the patents will be administered and we are looking forward to that day with no rush”. Digi-cards are the world′s leader producer of multimedia download cards.

Digi-cards and the Tourism Industry


Madrid, Spain Jan.17.2011

DIGI-CARDS: BEST NEW TECHNOLOGY DEVICE FOR THE TOURISM INDUSTRYDigi-cards made a big splash during the 2011 world tourism congress “FITUR” celebrated in Madrid. With the Mexico′s Tourism Board Digi-cards being distributed to thousands of attendees, this new promotional device was the talk of the event. Digi-cards are multimedia download cards which will allow companies & organizations in the tourism and travel industries to focus their marketing efforts while obtaining valuable databases and creating a direct link between them and the travelers. The Mexico′s Tourism Board Digi-cards contained the official dossier, documents and images which saved thousands of dollars from printing and shipping costs as well as becoming environmentally friendly.” It is easier to carry around these cards than all of those booklets and packages, and I still will be able to review all the information comfortably on my computer or mobile device, its great.” said one of the attendees after receiving one of Mexico′s Digi-cards. Many of the uses for the travel industry are the Digi-key-cards (hotel keys), promotional and added value cards for airline customers, cruise ship passengers, tourist attraction visitors and potential travelers. “Clients have unlimited uses for our Digi-cards, from end user specific coupon downloads and end user specific discount offers to plain multimedia invitations with a great branding product that will most likely remain in the end user wallet for a long time”. Aurora Molina, Vice-president of International Sales, said.